HST251 Project Review

Eyes on the past

Tim Sherratt


This website has very cool design, it has many different eyes when people open it. But when I click on one of it, it will gives the full image about the owner of the eye. It will direct people to the information of the eye owner; when people click on the link below. The resource website is “gov.au”;so it is pretty trustful.This is my favorite project website in the resource list has been given. Because the idea with eyes is cool and unique.

Salem Witchcraft Trials

Douglas O. Linder


This is a website with “edu” end, which means it is a website for students and professors who need to do research. I like the category list on the left, which make me can go to the information easily. I like the layout with the website, the layout is time saving for people who want to get a specific information.

National Mall & Memorial Parks

Mobile App Page


This website is really easy to navigate. It gives people the QR code to get information quickly via their phone. It is really convent for smartphone user. The website also include a short overview of the attraction and screen shoot on the phone app. I think it help people to familiar with the phone app.

The Lost Museum
American Social History Project/Center for Media and Learning, other members of The Graduate Center, City University of New York, and the Center for History and New Media George Mason University.


Start with a video to show where the museum is. My favorite part of this website is the Picture Gallery, when I click the map on the right side, it will gives me the exact picture of the museum. I also love the color. The color makes the museum seems mystery. The sound effect they have and the color do make me feels a little scared.

Killer Entertainments

Jennifer Terry and Raegan Kelly, Vectors Journal, and University of Southern California Institute for Multimedia Literacy


This is a website with “usc.edu” which is really professional website. The information is easy to get too. But the one thing that annoyed me ist that the word is too tiny to read. So I have to zoom out a little bit. I also like the reminder that this project will contain voice; when people click on” view project”.





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