Invisible Australians
Tim Sherratt

This website is similar to the website “eye on the past” that I have mentioned in my last review post. The website has tons of people’s profile, when you click on the picture, it will gives you a photo copy of their government document. When i click on home, which located on the top left, it gives me the history on how colored people has been ignored and discriminate in that time of period. It is a website designed for everyone to learn the history.

1853 Richmond and its Slave Market

University of Richmond

I like how clear the website is. This website is really easy to navigate. It has a video when I first enter, so I can pick should I listen to it or not. I also like the 3d map of Richmond in the video. Then the website has text follow, after the text overview are some pictures of the buildings has been mentioned in the video, Then they have a map image. This website end with a “edu” which means is is made for educational use. But since the text is easy to understand and the video is interesting, I think everyone can look at it just for the interest.

Digital History: Using New Technologies to Enhance Teaching and Research
Steven Mintz, Sara McNeil, and John Lienhard

I was impressed by how organized this website is. It appears a timeline when I first open it. I just click the time lines to get more text information. This website is great for people who wan to write a research paper, because it is time saving. I also like the design of the website. Especially the ration between timeline and the other categories down there. People who make this website also has a good taste on the color pick.

The Flint Sit-Down Strike
MATRIX at Michigan State University, Lansing, Michigan.

It is a really pretty website. Designed for everyone who have interest in flint strike. I like how they designed it as a old newspaper, but this website is little hard to navigate. The world is little bit small. Even I click the read more, the information overview is still too tiny for me to read. Also when I click on “Contact” on the top right page, no word shows up. I don’t feel it is necessary to have that category. But this is still a good project anyway.

How did they make that?
University of California, Los Angeles

How did they make that?

This is a good blog. It has a lot of information on digital humanities. It is a professor to make some of his explanation to his students. I like how he has a quick link to his each little topic. It just reminds me as wikipedia. He also have some pictures in each topics, which make the text more interesting.


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