Project review assignment(First Draft)


The website Invisible Australian is written by the historian, editor, and writer Dr. Kate Bagnall, who mainly focus on Chinese migrations in Australian history, and the digital historian Dr. Tim Sherrat. This website is mainly talks about how the Asian people have contributed to Australian history. But they never been mentioned in history. The historians collected the images from the online library in Australia. It provides the pictures of Asian people, when the reader clicks on the pictures, it will show pictures of  Asian people’s official document. This project was last posted by June 2013, and the resources are from Invisible Australians Zotero Library. The project is really trustful and newly updated. I think the purpose of this project is that Australia has been dominated by Europeans for many years, and other races have difficulty speaking for themselves. This is a website that was made to let people know about more about Asian people in Australia, I think the author of this project wants people from different races to know more about each other, and let people know Asian migration is also part of Australian history.


This is a great project. It is for everyone who is interested in Australian or Asian migration history. I like how the website gives us the faces of different Asian people, you just click on the pictures and then you can get the information of the Asian people. It is easy to navigate, too. It only has a “home” button and an “about” button. It gives me more information when I click “home”. All text information comes to explain the background of why Asian migrations are been called “Invisible Australian”. Then it gives me more options ” blog”,”faces”,”contacts”, and “library”. It gives us more historical facts if we click on “blogs”. When I click on “faces”, it will go back to the face page. For the “contacts”, it gives information about the maker of this website. It also lists a email and a twitter for people who want to contact the author. And for “library” has a link to all the credits. When you click on the “about” button, it gives people a little box and talks about colored people that have been discriminated and ignored in the past few years.

This site uses a really cool technique. First, it has pictures to attract people. It reminds me of another short project review I did which was called “Eyes on the past”. The reader needs to click pictures that appear on the first page to get more information. What is more, it links a database about Asian migration under “library”, which is really good for the reader to understand more about what is going on.


I think most of the website for this project is easy to navigate, but I think that it would be nice if they make it clear that people should click on the pictures to get more information. Instead a longer title, I feel this website should have a shorter and more formal “about” section which explains the project. Also since this website has”.org”, which means it should have an official appeal, but the home page of the website doesn’t reflect that. I wish the font on the title can be adjusted a little bit to make this website more professional. They should capitalize the key words on the title. The content of blog is fairly information and well analyzed . It has a lot of graphs and pictures to show the historical events, but since the paragraph is very long, it requires the reader’s patience. This website should be organized by dates, or at least have shorter pages, and they also need a better combination of text and pictures.


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