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Hst251 Project Planning(Final Draft)


An Extensive History of Chinese Food

Project Owner:

Siyu Lu(Lauren)

Project team:

This is a individual project, I will do everything by myself.

I need to play a role to find and credit for all of the pictures. I plan to get majority of my picture resource from, google image, KFC China official website, Chinese Mcdonlad’s  official website, Chinese pizza hut official website and photo that has been taken by myself, my friends and my family members.

I will also be writing explanatory texts. Since I want to make it multi language, I will write in multiple languages. However since I am not native English and German speaker, I will need people to review my texts and fix my grammar.

I will also play a role of making timeline and combined maps. I plan to insert a map of China, and link it to Twine, which will have a game to let people choose the time range and location. So people can click on the map and choose which province that they want to learn more about in terms of the food by chronological order. For this role I need someone that is familiar with digital techniques. This is a role of making, combining and maintaining  the website.

I need a person to play the role of video taker and a Chinese food maker. I might need some cooking videos on my “International food”section. This is a fusion food section, in which I will have pictures of food which are combinations of different cultures. This video section is not necessary; it depends on am I going to finish my other steps on time and have enough time to make the videos.

Scholarly Significance:

People from different countries can easily be engaged with each other nowadays. With more and more Chinese immigrants in America, there are more and more Chinese restaurants. But some of the Chinese food in American restaurants have been adjusted to adapt to Americans’ stomach.

I have also noticed that there is Chinese style American food, such as the Chinese version of KFC, which sells soy milk and rice. I eat New Orleans Chicken in Chinese KFC since I was a little child. But when I went to America, I realize it is not the representative of southern American food. On the other hand, American style Chinese food like Orange Chicken and fortune cookies were invented by Chinese immigrants. No one in China eats that type of food. Some American people think Chinese people are addicted to rice, but it is not true. Chinese people usually have some vegetables, meat, fruit and other food to eat with rice. Rice is just a small part of normal meals. There are also regional differences in Chinese food. Northern Chinese people prefer to have noodles, while typical southern Chinese people prefer rice more.

The purpose of this website is to show people all around the world what Chinese people eat everyday and how the food on the Chinese table have been changed through thousands of years. It will also have a section to display the different type of Chinese-American food. With the development of Human society and technology, people from different countries have more and more cultural exchange. I want to explore how those things affect food. But since there are millions types of different food, I will only chose rice, fruit, meat, vegetable and spice to focus. I want show people internationally, how the history has changed and how Chinese food change over time. I also want to show how international trade has changed Chinese food. There are not enough resources for American people to know the food in China.

The source I would use to support my website are some old Chinese famous poem and books (which include food). KFC China website and historical menus at library.

Sample Cite:




Project Description:

I will have four main pages: “Home”, “Map”,”International Food” and “Contacts”.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.11.10 PM

(The pictures are just samples of storyboard, not the exactly the actual that I want to use.)

  1. Home: It will have some Chinese style pictures and short text descriptions of some popular Chinese food now. (rice, red pepper, and some snacks). I try to keep my home page as simple as possible, because it is the first appearance to my readers.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.11.28 PM

2.Map: A general map of China, then there will be a Chinese map and people can click on the different provinces, then they can select a time range. After the selection it will show what Chinese people eat daily in that time and that region, for example: rice(or not rice), fruit, meat and spice(usually pepper). I will use Twine game to achieve this goal.

Time Range plan:

BC 2100-1600 Xia Dynasty

BC 1600-1050 Shang Dynasty

BC 1060-256 Zhou Dynasty

BC 221-AC 220 Qin Dynasty & Han Dynasty

AC 220-589 Six Dynasties Period

AC 581-960 Sui Dynasty & Tang Dynasty &Five Dynasties Period

AC 960-1279 Song Dynasty Period

AC 1279-1368 Yuan Dynasty

AC 1368-1644 Ming Dynasty

AC 1644-1912 Qing Dynasty

(It will have a more internationally selection food influence in China, because this is the time China start to keep in touch with International people)

AC 1912-1949 Republic Period

AC 1949-Present People Republic of China

Map plan:


(picture from Wikipedia)

The Province China: XinJinag, Tibet, Qinghai, Gansu, Sichuan,Yunan, Ningxia,Guizhou, Guangxi,Hunan,Hubei, Shanxi, Inner Mongolia, Hebei, Henan, Anhui, Sichuan, Jiangxi, Guangdong, Fujian,Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Shandong, Liaoning, Jilin, Heilongjiang., Hainan, Taiwan. Beijing, Chongqing, Shanghai, Shenzhen are cities, but they didn’t belong to any larger province, because they are large enough to count as their own province.

Hopefully I can do it by province, otherwises I will do my project by region: eastern China, Southern China, Western China and Northern China. Because different climate and geography do affect people’s food. For example the northern people eat less rice than the southern China. Northern people eat more pot stickers and noodles than southern people. The food flavor are mostly depend on geography. Such as in ancient China, the southwestern  part are cold and moister during the winter time. So they prefer to eat food that made by the spicy red pepper. I will definitely mention the climate change affect food choice of people. The general rules of Chinese food are: Sour in east, Spicy in West, Sweet in South and Salty in North. This is not super accurate because since the Sichuan food become popular, the younger generation can tolerate more spicy red pepper than old generations.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.12.01 PM

3. International food: It has pictures and short text description of how international food are represented in China. I will put pictures from KFC and McDonald’s Chinese website, to show how we sell rice, egg tart, and soy milk in American fast food restaurant. Hopefully I can also upload some videos on how to make some Chinese style American food, and other Chinese style international food.

Screen Shot 2016-03-20 at 11.12.22 PM.png

4. Contact: I will list my contact information, so that people can email me if they think I can improve this website more. Also I will have all the photo credits in the contact page.


Bulleted list of deliverables:

*Step 1: Gather pictures from Chinese food. Either from (Baidu, Google, KFC China, McDonald China, and Pizza Hut China, or taken by myself, and my family member)

*Step 2: Writing down  descriptions for pictures

*Step 3: Make a website and have my “Home”,:Map”,”International food” and “Contact page set up.(This is really important step, because it will also contain the layout of my website.)

* Step 4: Upload Pictures and descriptions

Step 5: Make it to Multi language, think about English, Chinese and German

*Step 6: Insert map

*Step 7: Make Twine game(divided by Chinese dynasties)

Step 8: Insert Twine Game

Step 9: Find people to shoot video

Step 10: Shoot videos and insert to “International Food” section.

*Step 11: Created a new e-mail for contact information and leave it on website.

*Step 12: Put all the credits on my “Contact” page.

Step 13: Keep checking the website after the semester end


Timeline for completion:

I already finished step 1, 2 and 3 before spring break. I found the pictures by the oder of “home”, “Map” and “International Food”. But I still need to have a better customize of my project site. The link of my website is linked below.

I am going to do Step 4 in the week March 21st to March 27th). Because I am using a lot of pictures, so it is going to take longer time, plus I need to double check my Grammar .

Step 6 and 7 are going to be done three weeks after spring break. I am going to finish step 6 by April 1st and step7 by April 7th. Although I plan to use two weeks to finish those two steps, but I think this step might take longer time than I expected, because I need to do a lot of data analyst in these two steps.

I already finish step 11 when I start to make my actual project. The email is:

Step 12 are going to be done during the second week of April. If I finish those things on time, I can start to think my steps without an asterisk.

Launch/production plan:

My project will be a word press website. I purchased a one-year plan because there are no free servers. I will be responsible for fixing and maintaining it. I checked a couple Youtube video on how to make a website by wordpress. I need to have a wordpress account(which I already have), then choose a website building platform(wordpress). Then choose website address.Since this is a project for class, I should pick a formal web address, not a silly one. Then I should setup, mostly add content and set up new pages. And customizes it.

From the experience that I gains from review other people’s project, I feels like the home page is the most important thing. I will only put a couple pictures on my home pages to make it easy and simple. I would choose light color for my homepage background. My ideal home page is the official website of Apple. I also will be aware of don’t leave too much pictures or too much texts only in a single page. For my “Contact” page, I should not make it silly. I probably just introduce what’s the purpose I make this(class project) and my background, a contact e-mail, the sources and credit I use. I will spent most times on my”Map” page. Because it requires Twine. The hardest for this is the resources, because the most resource I get are from Chinese, I can’t translate everything to English. But I assume most of my users are American. So this is my biggest challenge to make a credible professional website. Combining Twine game to the page is hard, too. But in order to combine them, I should make the plan first, and have several points in my map. My ideal model of this step is the “Chinese Province” page in Google. In that page, when you click on the province, it will shows the description of the province. I guess this technique required database, and I couldn’t finish the database by myself in the rest of the semester; because most of the resource I need would be Chinese.So I decide to use a Twine. It can make my website user to have some engagement and also not too much workload for me. But the hardest part for this is how to make a Twine to my website. ( _China).The “International food” page is not hard, but depends on whether  I have time left in this semester to videotape the cooking procedure of Chinese food. I plan to put a video of Kimchi fried rice, which is a combination of fried rice(Chinese food), Kimchi(Korean food) and Cheese(American food). This is the result of international trade. I am going to ask my friends to make some other combine culture food, too. If we are too busy at the end of the semester,it would be just pictures. I am trying to have large and high quality pictures in my projects.


End of Life Issues:

I will try to edit it during the summer. And I am likely to add German language to this website description, because I am learning German right now. I will use writing center during the semester to fix my English Grammar in my project. Also I will add Chinese to my website if I can finish my plan on time. I purchased this server for one year. If I still have the money for one more year, I will keep running this website. As I mentioned I will created an email for this website. I will definately post the videos to “International Food” page during the summer if I didn’t get a chance to do it this semester. I will also post more pictures of current Chinese food during the summer, because I will fly back home and take pictures. Also my grandma is a really amazing and creative cook, she has almost 60 years of experience of making Chinese food. She knows the secret of how to make a tasty food. So I will take picture of the food she makes and do a short interview in my International food section. And I will also leave a short”Grandma’s quote” In my home page from my interview. I will try to check it as often as possible during the time I still own the website.  I could develop this website more if there are a lot of people interested in it. I would assume wordpress will delete this website as long as I don’t pay the money.






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